Swan Luv: Another Interesting Idea Wasted

Swan Luv started out as a loan type of company. It’s initial promise was to select applicants to receive a loan of up to $10,000 with the gamble that the two wouldn’t get divorced. Sounds kind of ingenious, doesn’t it?

The launch was set for Sunday, February 14th, but instead the site “crashed” and when it was started back up, it was with a new type of platform.

Instead of having couples sign up to possibly receive a loan, Swan Luv turned their site into a crowdfunding one.

To say people are angry is an understatement.

Swan Luv claims they sent out surveys asking customers what kind of platform they’d prefer, and everyone claims to have never received such a survey, let alone any email. Swan Luv blames “regulations/restrictions” and “billions of dollars of demand” on why they switched their whole platform.

As many people on Swan Luv’s Facebook page stated, if a couple wanted to ask for hand outs from family and friends then they’d just rather use GoFundMe.

All in all, Swan Luv seems to be just a hyped up crowdfunding site. If you’d like to look into other crowdfunding sites to use instead of Swan Luv, two very good ones are Fundrazr and GoFundMe. If anyone has any better sites then please leave a comment and I’ll add them to this page.


“Movies-I’ve-Never-Seen” Review: At Any Price

To start this off, I’m going to tell you what this is. I’ve decided that at least once a week, if I’m not too busy, I will watch a movie I have not seen and review it. There are movies, however, that I might throw in that I have already seen but feel should be reviewed. The age of the movies just depends, really. If you have any suggestions of movies to review, leave me a comment! I usually watch a lot of movies I haven’t seen through Crackle, and I honestly love it, because they have a good selection.

This week’s movie is: At Any Price, starring Dennis Quaid & Zac Efron as two of the main characters.

When I first started to watch this movie I thought, “Oh this must be all about farming.” and I wasn’t too excited. If I looked out my window, I’d be able to see 3-4 farms because I live in Indiana and literally all my neighbors are farmers.

Anyway, as I got into this movie, I noticed Zac Efron’s character, Dean Whipple, was kind of an aggressive baby. Now, I’m not saying he’s not a bit likable, but honestly if he were my friend I’d probably smack the tar out of him. His character DEFINITELY has anger issues. I won’t go into much detail for anyone who has never seen this movie, but I feel like the little punk should have owned up for his part in the whole ordeal surrounding the end of the movie.

As for Dennis Quaid’s character, Henry Whipple, I found him to be a tad rude. What man attends a funeral (this happens in the beginning, so that’s really not a spoiler) and then asks to buy land from the grieving family?! Where I’m from that is just a slap in the face, though honestly I think that’d be rude no matter where ya’ll are from. His character seems to go out of his way to make it seem like his whole life is better than anyone else’s, and I believe the fact that he was a bit heartless to an old family friend in need was really cruel.

This movie really made me see the scary, real human emotions some people hide. It makes you question your morals and where they would lie in such a situation. In the situation the Whipple’s face in this movie, I’d have been one of the people to pick up the phone and set things right. It was a pretty good movie, though the ending was not something I would have preferred, but what is a good movie without an unexpected ending?

Out of the “Would-I-Watch-Again” scale, I’d rate this a 6/10. It made me gape in shock, and then shake my head at the awful decisions of some of the characters. I’d probably watch this again, for sure, and force my fiance to experience it as well.


Trend Review: Time Really Does Repeat Itself!

When I was a teenager between 2005-2011, my father was always telling me, “You kids and your styles are starting to look just like they did when I was your age.”

My father was a teen around the 80’s and he clearly remembers some of the styles that were popular then. I brushed this off as him just getting old, but now that I am 23 I have noticed what my father was saying.

First, let’s talk about the “open-shoulder” dresses.

blackdress These dresses were once really popular, and the person you could count on to wear such a design was none other than Kelly Bundy off of Married With Children.


I have noticed throughout re-watching the show on Crackle that a lot of Kelly’s style from the late 80’s to the late 90’s has been brought back with today’s teenagers.

Kelly was notorious for wearing crop tops, skin tight skirts & dresses, and jeans.kellybundy2 kellybundy3

Those are the kinds of outfits that are becoming increasingly popular today. I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen teens and young adults wearing crop tops or tight bodycon dresses. Not that I’m knocking it because, hey, I love me some trendy styles, too.

I think the thing I have always loved about Kelly Bundy’s take on the clothes is that it’s always girly and a bit edgy. One episode or two she wore a pair of boots that I wished I could grab through the screen and take with me.

So, does history really repeat itself? Yes, it does. At least in some areas it does, like fashion trends. Now I’m waiting to see 80’s hair come back in full swing. That would be kind of hilarious.

Brave Frontier- App Review

I have been playing this game for quite a while now-nearly two years- and I have just now decided to review it.

I remember when it came out and the default units you would get were limited. My fiance said that now those very units are supposed to be rares because of how far they have progressed in the development of the game.

Before I divulge, let’s get it straight with the basics. Brave Frontier is an app in which you have units that you use to fight monsters in a classic style like that of Final Fantasy. Units, in case you haven’t been able to figure out, are the characters you use to make up your party. Some are Gods, some are Assassins, some are Healers.  It all depends on what you get.

When you log in each day you get a chance to click any treasure chest and get either a fusion unit, an item, or if you’re really lucky, a gem! Gems are used for rare summons, super rarer summons, or you can use them to buy another chance if you end up having all your units die in battle while trying to clear an area. After logging in continuously for 5 days you get a free gem. You can buy gems using your store credit, bank card, credit card, or even Paypal.

Brave Frontier is continuously growing with new units coming out all the time. The highest rarity of any unit that I am aware of is 7 stars-which is Mega Rare.

It’s easily one of my favorite games, because not only does it have a main story, it also has many other things to do within it.

You want to know a more in-depth description of the game? Head HERE to read all about it and get some facts on all the different things you will encounter.

Red Cup of Ridiculousness

People are upset over a cup. 

Read that about three times and let that really sink in.

Now that you’re letting that process, let’s talk about this red cup controversy.

Starbucks is getting hate for going with just a simple red cup this year. I am not a giant fan of Starbucks so I have never seen their other cups for the holidays, but I have heard they were ornately decorated.

Perhaps they were tired of having to waste their time and money on decorating a cup in which people will only just throw away after they’re done with it. It shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Unfortunately for some it is. Out of all the things going on in the world, some people think Starbucks is wanting nothing to do with Christmas. Really? I believe a good company should stay neutral during holiday seasons to avoid such controversies or clash of differences in opinion, but I also believe that if someone were upset over it  they could just ignore the whole ordeal and avoid going to Starbucks for the season until they come out with other cups.

I also don’t understand why people are getting upset over a Christmas cup when they are clearly forgetting that Christmas isn’t until next month. Where are the Thanksgiving cups? Oh, wait, there are none! If people want to get upset over a cup then they should be upset that everyone is already forgetting about Thanksgiving, though it hasn’t even come yet.

Some people are using the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks to vent their feelings. Others are saying it’s a “War on Christmas”. Yes, sometimes I get upset over people being upset if I say Merry Christmas, but I let it go because Christmas is not the only holiday that is celebrated around this time of year.

To me it’s all a ridiculous reason to be upset, and if you want to really feel like the Christmas season has begun, then go buy decorations and start putting them up. Always works for me.

If you’d like to read more about people’s thoughts on this, read THIS article about some of the comments people had on the company’s seasonal cups. You can also go to Twitter and look up some hashtags on the whole debacle.

How To Throw A Cheap (But Beautiful) Wedding!

These last few months I have been trying desperately to help my sister make a cheap, gorgeous wedding. She doesn’t make enough to pay for such lavish things. I have searched and searched and I think I’ve came up with a decent list of things to do to make a wedding sweet yet affordable.

  1. Remember to stick to your budget when getting your dress! My sister was very, very adamant about not spending more than $100 on a dress. She didn’t care where it came from as long as it looked nice and the price tag didn’t make her cringe. Granted my sister’s best friend helped her get an elegant, simple dress, the fact remains that you should never go out of your budget just to get a dress. Yes, dresses can cost the most, but if you are lucky you can find a rather nice deal for one somewhere, or if you’re lucky enough you can have a talented friend/family member make your dress for you!     abbiewedding2
  2. Have a pitch-in dinner. I have always loved pitch-ins. So many people bringing their specialties together makes me eager to try them all out! For my sister’s wedding my mother and I decided to make all the food. Few guests said they’d like to bring a dish or two, and that really is helpful in the long run. If you request people to bring dishes to your wedding, make sure to put it in a very nice way in the invites so they know that it would be greatly appreciated.abbiewedding3
  3. Buy what you need when you have the money. There seems to be a million things you need for a wedding now-a-days. I know from planning my sister’s wedding, and my own to boot, that there will never, EVER, be a time where you’ll have all the money you need for everything you need. With that being said, you need to buy the most important things with what money you do have. Let’s say you have your dress but still need a veil and floral arrangements. What do you choose? What item is most important to you? Can you wait to buy either of those things? Figure out what you feel should come first and if you have the money at that point in time, then get it. If you don’t, put that thing as the next thing you’ll get and get the next item you deem important.
  4. Overpriced invites don’t matter in the long run. This is something my fiance really opened my eyes to. While stressing over what kind of wedding invites we should get, Kyle looked me straight in the eyes and said, “What does it matter if they are most likely going to throw the invitations away after they read them?”. At first I was mad that he acted like this microscopic detail in the whole of our wedding didn’t mean much to him but after thinking about it, I realized he was right. Why waste nearly a hundred dollars on invitations that no one would really notice? I decided that making homemade ones with cheap, beautiful designs would be a much easier solution. Heck, my sister just invited everyone on Facebook and called it a day!
  5. Simple is beautiful. Seriously. Some people hate simple things because they associate simple with boring or ugly. Why is that? Probably because they tend to think simple can’t be elegant or whatever else they want it to be. Simple is the best way to go when trying to buckle down for a cheap wedding. There are beautiful, easy DIY projects you can search for on Pinterest that are simple AND elegant. My sister’s wedding was extremely simple. She had three tables for food and utensils, and everyone just sat around her house eating for the reception and talking. Things were simple and nice. It was much better than I had originally expected it to be.          abbiewedding`
  6. Flower Girls/Boys are not required. I hate the notion that you MUST have a flower girl for your wedding. Some people are even against having a boy do the flower throwing because it’s “too girly”. Really?! I was very agitated with the thought of people judging me if I were to use my son as a flower thrower so I just ditched the whole thing all together. It is not going to make much of a difference if you step on flower petals or not. In the long run it might just save you a few bucks and, honestly, who will even miss it?
  7. Officiants are also not required. Some people, like me and Kyle, are a bit religious so we plan to have an officiant at our wedding. Some people are not religious and feel as though an officiant is not necessary. Depending on your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, an officiant is not something you really have to have at the wedding. Yes, you’ll need someone to pretty much be an officiant in a way in order to legally marry the both of you, but it does not really have to be someone of a religious background.
  8. Hair and makeup can be done with your own inventory. I have been really on the fence about this one. I have seen the prices for hair/makeup artists and it has left me flabbergasted. I did my sister’s hair for her wedding (she did her own makeup) but I don’t want just mediocre hair at mine. If you are really on a tight budget, then doing your own hair and makeup can be a real money saver. A lot of people charge anywhere between $100-$300 and up just to do your makeup and your hair and that’s usually not including the travelling fee.  If you’re lucky, you’ll have a friend or family member who has a great knack for hair and makeup. If you’re good enough yourself, you can do your own as well!
  9. You really don’t need so many guests. When I first started writing out the guest list for my wedding I thought to myself, “Would this person be upset if I didn’t invite them? Would this person even show up?”. That’s when I realized that if I can’t know for sure if they’d actually want to be there then there is no reason in inviting them. Sometimes people get offended when they’re not invited to a wedding because they feel as though they weren’t even thought of when the list was being created. If you have a very long list of family and friends who want to be included but you know you can’t have them all attend, then let them know in a nice way why there is just no possible way to have everyone come at once. You could, perhaps, throw a party at a later date for all the people that you couldn’t have show up to the wedding due to maximum capacity being reached.
  10. Cakes don’t have to be perfect. The cake. It’s like the staple of most people’s weddings. Some people go traditional and have a cake, some have only cupcakes or cookies, and others have a mix of both. I will tell you right now, unless you plan to get a cheap $20.00 grocery store sheet cake and a bunch of cheap cupcakes to go with it, then this will be costly (though not as costly as, say, a wedding dress). My sister had a sheet cake for her wedding that they put a topper on and it looked really nice. It didn’t matter to anyone what it looked like because all anyone cared about was eating it.    abbiewedding4

Charlotte Russe Review

Now, before I start this I want to say that I really LOVE a lot of the clothes and shoes here, but there are some things that I find just ridiculous.

They get a 3 out of 5 stars.

Here’s why.

I am a shoe addict, but I wear a 9.5 usually. I see a million shoes in their store that I want, but guess what? NO HALF SIZES! Anything that is a half size in shoes is usually a smaller size I can’t fit into. I mean, come on! I usually have to buy a size up because of this and I will point out that, though the platform pumps size 10 fit well since they are made to be a little smaller, the other shoes are definitely too long!

A year or two ago I bought a pair of sandals at Wal-Mart in a size 10 and it was a little big but not as long as the size 10 wedges I got from Charlotte Russe! What is up with that? I know, I know, “they are made differently” but seriously if they only made half size at Charlotte Russe then I don’t think this would actually be a problem.

Now their clothes on the other hand are really nice. My only problem is the price. I saw a dress on there I absolutely LOVED! It was a little over $40. I could probably find a better dress at Macy’s for that price. I understand that they need to make money, but a dress that I’m only going to get to wear for a few months out of the year is not worth that much money.

Let’s say they decided to make half size shoes and put their dresses starting at 10-20 dollars starting out? I feel like more people would flock to their stores.

Another thing I find irritating about their place is the lack of care from some of their people that work there. I have never had any bad experiences with the girls that work at my local Charlotte Russe, but I have heard a lot of people from other places talk about how rude the sales associates were. If you want people to spend money at your store, then please stop hiring rude people. Honestly.

To close out this review, I’d like to know what every one that has been there thinks about this place? Have a good or bad experience? Tell me in the comments!