Brave Frontier- App Review

I have been playing this game for quite a while now-nearly two years- and I have just now decided to review it.

I remember when it came out and the default units you would get were limited. My fiance said that now those very units are supposed to be rares because of how far they have progressed in the development of the game.

Before I divulge, let’s get it straight with the basics. Brave Frontier is an app in which you have units that you use to fight monsters in a classic style like that of Final Fantasy. Units, in case you haven’t been able to figure out, are the characters you use to make up your party. Some are Gods, some are Assassins, some are Healers.  It all depends on what you get.

When you log in each day you get a chance to click any treasure chest and get either a fusion unit, an item, or if you’re really lucky, a gem! Gems are used for rare summons, super rarer summons, or you can use them to buy another chance if you end up having all your units die in battle while trying to clear an area. After logging in continuously for 5 days you get a free gem. You can buy gems using your store credit, bank card, credit card, or even Paypal.

Brave Frontier is continuously growing with new units coming out all the time. The highest rarity of any unit that I am aware of is 7 stars-which is Mega Rare.

It’s easily one of my favorite games, because not only does it have a main story, it also has many other things to do within it.

You want to know a more in-depth description of the game? Head HERE to read all about it and get some facts on all the different things you will encounter.


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