The Longest 3 Months

The last three months have been both a bit scary and sad. My fiance’s best friend died and we have been struggling with all the things surrounding his death to figure out what is truth and what is rumor. I won’t go into detail, but I would like to say a final farewell to him. He was a good guy that never disrespected me or my tight leash I sometimes have on Kyle. He always knew how to make us laugh and though some of the aspects of what happened are really terrible, we will still love him for the man he had been before this tragic problem.

In the last three months, I have also been finding more health problems with myself and I can’t figure out what is wrong with me. Despite it all I’ve been trying to stay positive. I hate that no matter what I do I seem to keep gaining weight and then losing some. It’s confusing for my body and I hate it. I have been exploring ways to improve myself even though I hate that I can’t change some of the things that are causing me to be upset.

I am glad to say that I gave my son a small, but extremely nice, birthday and Christmas. His birthday is in October, so I usually give him maybe one present so he can have better things for Christmas. I read about some parents giving their kids (they are the same age as my child) over 14 presents. Most of these presents are the really expensive things that they don’t need. Why? Maybe to make up for lack of love? I don’t know. Maybe they just like spoiling their kid. No shame in that, but I think my small Christmas with small gifts are what keep my son a nice person.

A Very Long Week

After having over a week of vacation, I feel much better.

Kyle, my brother and I mainly stayed home and did chores, but it got everything out of the way that we couldn’t do while Kyle was still working.

Now my topic for today is children.

Mainly, I want to know how other children are in comparison to my son.

I know my son is a late bloomer in potty training, and getting his sentences together correctly, but is he really that far behind? My step-son never talked at my son’s age, only pointed. He always wore diapers until one day he just started using the potty and started talking real sentences.

Why is my son behind?

I read to my son, I teach him everything that a single mother can, and yet I feel like he’s behind. My friend had a kid exactly one week after I had Zak, and he is already in preschool and doing great at everything! THE FRUSTRATION!

I am one of those people that was never taught to drive, so I am currently learning late, and that poses problems when we only have one vehicle and I have no way to take my son back and forth from the local preschool. Some people don’t have these problems, and so they don’t understand why I feel like everything is falling on my shoulders.

So I want to know,

  1. When/how did your kid go through these first steps
  2. And if they haven’t yet, how do you hope they do it?