Charlotte Russe Review

Now, before I start this I want to say that I really LOVE a lot of the clothes and shoes here, but there are some things that I find just ridiculous.

They get a 3 out of 5 stars.

Here’s why.

I am a shoe addict, but I wear a 9.5 usually. I see a million shoes in their store that I want, but guess what? NO HALF SIZES! Anything that is a half size in shoes is usually a smaller size I can’t fit into. I mean, come on! I usually have to buy a size up because of this and I will point out that, though the platform pumps size 10 fit well since they are made to be a little smaller, the other shoes are definitely too long!

A year or two ago I bought a pair of sandals at Wal-Mart in a size 10 and it was a little big but not as long as the size 10 wedges I got from Charlotte Russe! What is up with that? I know, I know, “they are made differently” but seriously if they only made half size at Charlotte Russe then I don’t think this would actually be a problem.

Now their clothes on the other hand are really nice. My only problem is the price. I saw a dress on there I absolutely LOVED! It was a little over $40. I could probably find a better dress at Macy’s for that price. I understand that they need to make money, but a dress that I’m only going to get to wear for a few months out of the year is not worth that much money.

Let’s say they decided to make half size shoes and put their dresses starting at 10-20 dollars starting out? I feel like more people would flock to their stores.

Another thing I find irritating about their place is the lack of care from some of their people that work there. I have never had any bad experiences with the girls that work at my local Charlotte Russe, but I have heard a lot of people from other places talk about how rude the sales associates were. If you want people to spend money at your store, then please stop hiring rude people. Honestly.

To close out this review, I’d like to know what every one that has been there thinks about this place? Have a good or bad experience? Tell me in the comments!