How To Throw A Cheap (But Beautiful) Wedding!

These last few months I have been trying desperately to help my sister make a cheap, gorgeous wedding. She doesn’t make enough to pay for such lavish things. I have searched and searched and I think I’ve came up with a decent list of things to do to make a wedding sweet yet affordable.

  1. Remember to stick to your budget when getting your dress! My sister was very, very adamant about not spending more than $100 on a dress. She didn’t care where it came from as long as it looked nice and the price tag didn’t make her cringe. Granted my sister’s best friend helped her get an elegant, simple dress, the fact remains that you should never go out of your budget just to get a dress. Yes, dresses can cost the most, but if you are lucky you can find a rather nice deal for one somewhere, or if you’re lucky enough you can have a talented friend/family member make your dress for you!     abbiewedding2
  2. Have a pitch-in dinner. I have always loved pitch-ins. So many people bringing their specialties together makes me eager to try them all out! For my sister’s wedding my mother and I decided to make all the food. Few guests said they’d like to bring a dish or two, and that really is helpful in the long run. If you request people to bring dishes to your wedding, make sure to put it in a very nice way in the invites so they know that it would be greatly appreciated.abbiewedding3
  3. Buy what you need when you have the money. There seems to be a million things you need for a wedding now-a-days. I know from planning my sister’s wedding, and my own to boot, that there will never, EVER, be a time where you’ll have all the money you need for everything you need. With that being said, you need to buy the most important things with what money you do have. Let’s say you have your dress but still need a veil and floral arrangements. What do you choose? What item is most important to you? Can you wait to buy either of those things? Figure out what you feel should come first and if you have the money at that point in time, then get it. If you don’t, put that thing as the next thing you’ll get and get the next item you deem important.
  4. Overpriced invites don’t matter in the long run. This is something my fiance really opened my eyes to. While stressing over what kind of wedding invites we should get, Kyle looked me straight in the eyes and said, “What does it matter if they are most likely going to throw the invitations away after they read them?”. At first I was mad that he acted like this microscopic detail in the whole of our wedding didn’t mean much to him but after thinking about it, I realized he was right. Why waste nearly a hundred dollars on invitations that no one would really notice? I decided that making homemade ones with cheap, beautiful designs would be a much easier solution. Heck, my sister just invited everyone on Facebook and called it a day!
  5. Simple is beautiful. Seriously. Some people hate simple things because they associate simple with boring or ugly. Why is that? Probably because they tend to think simple can’t be elegant or whatever else they want it to be. Simple is the best way to go when trying to buckle down for a cheap wedding. There are beautiful, easy DIY projects you can search for on Pinterest that are simple AND elegant. My sister’s wedding was extremely simple. She had three tables for food and utensils, and everyone just sat around her house eating for the reception and talking. Things were simple and nice. It was much better than I had originally expected it to be.          abbiewedding`
  6. Flower Girls/Boys are not required. I hate the notion that you MUST have a flower girl for your wedding. Some people are even against having a boy do the flower throwing because it’s “too girly”. Really?! I was very agitated with the thought of people judging me if I were to use my son as a flower thrower so I just ditched the whole thing all together. It is not going to make much of a difference if you step on flower petals or not. In the long run it might just save you a few bucks and, honestly, who will even miss it?
  7. Officiants are also not required. Some people, like me and Kyle, are a bit religious so we plan to have an officiant at our wedding. Some people are not religious and feel as though an officiant is not necessary. Depending on your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, an officiant is not something you really have to have at the wedding. Yes, you’ll need someone to pretty much be an officiant in a way in order to legally marry the both of you, but it does not really have to be someone of a religious background.
  8. Hair and makeup can be done with your own inventory. I have been really on the fence about this one. I have seen the prices for hair/makeup artists and it has left me flabbergasted. I did my sister’s hair for her wedding (she did her own makeup) but I don’t want just mediocre hair at mine. If you are really on a tight budget, then doing your own hair and makeup can be a real money saver. A lot of people charge anywhere between $100-$300 and up just to do your makeup and your hair and that’s usually not including the travelling fee.  If you’re lucky, you’ll have a friend or family member who has a great knack for hair and makeup. If you’re good enough yourself, you can do your own as well!
  9. You really don’t need so many guests. When I first started writing out the guest list for my wedding I thought to myself, “Would this person be upset if I didn’t invite them? Would this person even show up?”. That’s when I realized that if I can’t know for sure if they’d actually want to be there then there is no reason in inviting them. Sometimes people get offended when they’re not invited to a wedding because they feel as though they weren’t even thought of when the list was being created. If you have a very long list of family and friends who want to be included but you know you can’t have them all attend, then let them know in a nice way why there is just no possible way to have everyone come at once. You could, perhaps, throw a party at a later date for all the people that you couldn’t have show up to the wedding due to maximum capacity being reached.
  10. Cakes don’t have to be perfect. The cake. It’s like the staple of most people’s weddings. Some people go traditional and have a cake, some have only cupcakes or cookies, and others have a mix of both. I will tell you right now, unless you plan to get a cheap $20.00 grocery store sheet cake and a bunch of cheap cupcakes to go with it, then this will be costly (though not as costly as, say, a wedding dress). My sister had a sheet cake for her wedding that they put a topper on and it looked really nice. It didn’t matter to anyone what it looked like because all anyone cared about was eating it.    abbiewedding4