Swan Luv: Another Interesting Idea Wasted

Swan Luv started out as a loan type of company. It’s initial promise was to select applicants to receive a loan of up to $10,000 with the gamble that the two wouldn’t get divorced. Sounds kind of ingenious, doesn’t it?

The launch was set for Sunday, February 14th, but instead the site “crashed” and when it was started back up, it was with a new type of platform.

Instead of having couples sign up to possibly receive a loan, Swan Luv turned their site into a crowdfunding one.

To say people are angry is an understatement.

Swan Luv claims they sent out surveys asking customers what kind of platform they’d prefer, and everyone claims to have never received such a survey, let alone any email. Swan Luv blames “regulations/restrictions” and “billions of dollars of demand” on why they switched their whole platform.

As many people on Swan Luv’s Facebook page stated, if a couple wanted to ask for hand outs from family and friends then they’d just rather use GoFundMe.

All in all, Swan Luv seems to be just a hyped up crowdfunding site. If you’d like to look into other crowdfunding sites to use instead of Swan Luv, two very good ones are Fundrazr and GoFundMe. If anyone has any better sites then please leave a comment and I’ll add them to this page.


When Will That Be?

I have been engaged almost 3 years and I get the question, “When are you two going to get hitched?” a lot. I know a lot of people dream of their perfect wedding, and some are very fortunate to have theirs. Then there are people who will settle for less than what they actually want. I’m not saying that is at all a bad thing, but for me I want the perfect wedding or none at all.

Now, I’m sure you’re all thinking, “So that’s why you aren’t married yet?” No, that is not why. I can’t deny, we don’t have enough money for it. I tell Kyle that we really need to save up, but he’s more worried lately about saving for our vacation we have planned for the last year. For us, travelling, having fun, and doing the things we want is really hard. Not only do we barely have enough money to travel places, we don’t usually have anyone that will watch my son.

When it comes to having someone there for me to help me out with my son, I usually ask my mother. Just because I ask doesn’t mean she does it. A lot of times when I’m sick or if I really need a break from non-stop parenting, my mother gets angry. She likes to tell me, “He’s your responsibility, Sarah, and I always do everything for you. You’ll be fine.”

Please note that I never ask her unless I really think I need help. She is one of those grandparents that doesn’t want to believe she is getting older so she tries to hide it by going out and rarely coming to see us. I love my mother, but she is not 16 anymore…

Anyway, back to the subject. What I guess I am really trying to know is what everyone else thinks about trying to have the perfect wedding. Here’s the questions I have for today.

  1. When are you-or when did you- have your wedding?
  2. If you are single, please tell me what you plan to do if you want to one day get married.
  3. If you are engaged, please tell me how long you’ve been engaged and what your plans are on the wedding.
  4. What is your ideal wedding? Small, big, or in the middle?