Trend Review: Time Really Does Repeat Itself!

When I was a teenager between 2005-2011, my father was always telling me, “You kids and your styles are starting to look just like they did when I was your age.”

My father was a teen around the 80’s and he clearly remembers some of the styles that were popular then. I brushed this off as him just getting old, but now that I am 23 I have noticed what my father was saying.

First, let’s talk about the “open-shoulder” dresses.

blackdress These dresses were once really popular, and the person you could count on to wear such a design was none other than Kelly Bundy off of Married With Children.


I have noticed throughout re-watching the show on Crackle¬†that a lot of Kelly’s style from the late 80’s to the late 90’s has been brought back with today’s teenagers.

Kelly was notorious for wearing crop tops, skin tight skirts & dresses, and jeans.kellybundy2 kellybundy3

Those are the kinds of outfits that are becoming increasingly popular today. I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen teens and young adults wearing crop tops or tight bodycon dresses. Not that I’m knocking it because, hey, I love me some trendy styles, too.

I think the thing I have always loved about Kelly Bundy’s take on the clothes is that it’s always girly and a bit edgy. One episode or two she wore a pair of boots that I wished I could grab through the screen and take with me.

So, does history really repeat itself? Yes, it does. At least in some areas it does, like fashion trends. Now I’m waiting to see 80’s hair come back in full swing. That would be kind of hilarious.