Red Cup of Ridiculousness

People are upset over a cup. 

Read that about three times and let that really sink in.

Now that you’re letting that process, let’s talk about this red cup controversy.

Starbucks is getting hate for going with just a simple red cup this year. I am not a giant fan of Starbucks so I have never seen their other cups for the holidays, but I have heard they were ornately decorated.

Perhaps they were tired of having to waste their time and money on decorating a cup in which people will only just throw away after they’re done with it. It shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Unfortunately for some it is. Out of all the things going on in the world, some people think Starbucks is wanting nothing to do with Christmas. Really? I believe a good company should stay neutral during holiday seasons to avoid such controversies or clash of differences in opinion, but I also believe that if someone were upset over it ¬†they could just ignore the whole ordeal and avoid going to Starbucks for the season until they come out with other cups.

I also don’t understand why people are getting upset over a Christmas cup when they are clearly forgetting that Christmas isn’t until next month. Where are the Thanksgiving cups? Oh, wait, there are none! If people want to get upset over a cup then they should be upset that everyone is already forgetting about Thanksgiving, though it hasn’t even come yet.

Some people are using the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks to vent their feelings. Others are saying it’s a “War on Christmas”. Yes, sometimes I get upset over people being upset if I say Merry Christmas, but I let it go because Christmas is not the only holiday that is celebrated around this time of year.

To me it’s all a ridiculous reason to be upset, and if you want to really feel like the Christmas season has begun, then go buy decorations and start putting them up. Always works for me.

If you’d like to read more about people’s thoughts on this, read THIS article about some of the comments people had on the company’s seasonal cups. You can also go to Twitter and look up some hashtags on the whole debacle.